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Server Hardware RX 200

Type Dual Socket Rack Server
System board Intel D5000
Processors Intel Xeon DP E5405
Type, Frequencies (GHz) QuadCore with all in all 4x2,0 GHz
Frontside Bus 1333MHz
Second-Level-Cache 6x2 MB
Memory 1 GB - max. 48 GB

2-way interleaved, registered ECC DDR2-667 SDRAM; 12 banks for PC2-5300 modules with 512, 1 and 2 and 4 Gbyte; Memory Scrubbing, SDDC (Chipkill™)



Local BIOS update with USB memory stick; Remote BIOS update via LAN with Global-Flash and service partition, or through PCE-Boot via LAN from PXE server



Serial 1x Serial RS-232-C (9 pin), (usable for iRMC or BS or shared)
Keyboard, Mouse 2x PS/2
USB 2.0 a total of 5 - 2x front, 2x back, 1x internal for iRMC
Graphics 1x VGA (15-pin)
LAN 2x Gbit LAN (BMC 5708 + 1x iRMC Service LAN)


Onboard Controller

SATA ESB2-T, 2-Port for RAID 0,1, 1 x SATA channel for DVD
SAS (LSI1064e) 4-Port SAS controller with RAID level 1 (Integrated Mirroring Enhanced also for odd numbered HD's) (for Windows and Linux)
RAID option (PCI card, ZCR) RAID level 5 extension for onboard SAS/RAID controller
LAN (BCM5708) 2x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet (PXE-Boot via LAN from PXE-Server)
Server Management Integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC) incl. graphics controller, IPMI 2.0 compatible. Optional Management LAN available (not upgradeable in the field).
Hard disk drives 160, 250, 500, 750 GB, SATA 300, 7.2k rpm, hot-plug and non hot-plug; 73 146, 300, 450 GB SAS, 15k rpm, hot-plug
1 Gbyte equals one billion bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity; accessible capacity may vary.
I/O Slots PCI, PCI-Express
1x PCI-Express x8 low-profile on Motherboard and
1x PCIe x8 Standard
1x PCIe x4 Standard
1x PCI 64/66 MHz (ZCR) on Riser Board


Drive bays

for hard disks 6x 3.5/1-Zoll for-"easy change" SATA or 6x 3.5/1-Zoll for Hot-plug SAS/SATA (2 SAS backplanes optional for hot-plug)
for accessible drives 1x 5,25/1,6-inch for tape, DVD-RW or CD-RW/DVD-ROM (option)


More information is available in the:
Data Sheet Hardware RX200

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