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EuroHost.md is a world leading provider of shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting. Our business roots were in consultative solutions and custom hardware and network installation, with a primary focus in local area networking. As our business developed and the Internet matured, we focused our business plan on selecting those products and services which would allow us to provide both added value combined with a discounted product, while maintaining our commitment to superior customer service.
This refocus led us to two primary services, superior and reliable webhosting at discounted rates and packages that will provide our customers with added value, such as our very low cost Domain Registration with large web hosting. As you browse our site, we hope you will agree that EuroHost.md provides solutions that we believe will satisfy most customer's requirements.

Our Mission

img_03Our mission is to offer customers industry-leading Web hosting and design services; tools, coupled with superior customer support. We arm our customers with the online capabilities of large corporations without burdensome infrastructure - at an affordable price.


img_10EuroHost.md operates in a state of the art Internet environment employing the latest hardware and software technologies. Our Internet servers run Linux Kernel 2.6.x, an open source operating system. Apache 2.x is our WEB server software, Bind is our name server software and qmail and sendmail are our email software. We provide a user friendly and robust control panel based on CPanel proprietary web control software.


Our TechCenter offers high-tech fiber and power on demand, while at the same time providing access to technology that is normally out of reach for many start-up and small businesses. Our hardware consists of Cisco Routers and Dell Poweredge servers, IBM servers, and NexCom blade servers. Our connectivity is based on DS3 circuit lines connected to our uplink provider's on-site fiber optic lines with an overall immense GIG capacity. We provide comprehensive back up solutions including daily automatic tape back up, along with standard security, including firewall, UPS, back up environmental controls, and a secure physical premises. Our primary servers are located in Wilmington, Delaware(United States), Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), Gunzenhausen, Bayern(Germany)

"Always On" capability is crucial to our data center. Power is money and at our TechCenter we back up our investment. TechCenter's Network Operations Center is equipped with redundant power supplies to ensure always-on operation through two separate power sub-grids, an uninterruptible power supply and two back-up diesel generators. This provides a level of power security that few buildings can offer. Routing and switching equipment is connected to the two separate sub-grids, accessing the building from opposite directions. If one sub-grid goes down, power is almost instantaneously switched to the other sub-grid. If that fails, our Network Operations Center kicks-in and our TechCenter's uninterruptible power supply and two back-up generators takes care of our vital data center operations. If our power isn't enough, we have the ability to increase our power service as well as extra areas on-site for additional back-up generators.


  • cPanel
  • Daily Backups
  • Spam & Virus Scanning
  • Instant Setup
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  • WHM \ cPanel
  • Free Billing System
  • Private Nameservers
  • Instant Setup
  • Free Account Migration
  • Fully Managed with Monitoring
  • Unlimited Free Reboots
  • 100% Redundant Cisco Network
  • IDS / IPS / DDoS Protection
  • Free Server Migration

Money Back Guarantee

sunWe offer 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our services we will refund your payment.


New billing and support application, EuroHost! From within, you can easily view and pay your invoices, request assistance with any problems you may encounter, maintain your billing information, resend your welcome E-mail and so much more!

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